Flat Roofs

Single ply PVC & TPO

PVC & TPO single ply thermoplastic membrane systems have been engineered to provide superior long-term performance and enhanced durability.

PVC & TPO roofing materials are highly engineered to withstand the test of time, providing long term performance even under the toughest conditions. Thermoplastic membranes are flexible and manufactured using an ultraviolet-resistant polyvinyl chloride which uses DuPontTM Elvaloy® KEE (ketone ethylene ester) to ensure plasticizer retention, delivering a pliable and durable sheet with excellent weathering characteristics and resistance to harsh chemicals and industrial pollutants. Thermoplastic roofing membranes are the ideal long-term solution for roofs that demand high performance at a lower life cycle cost.


 15-25 year NDL warranties covering all materials and labor, Four Seasons is a fully trained and certified installer from both Mule-Hide and GAF ding able to offer non-prorated warranties which not only cover the product but also covering our workmanship.



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Modified Bitumen Torch-down

Premium, heavy duty, polyester/fiberglass-based modified bitumen base/ply sheet manufactured to stringent specifications.

Torch down roofing consists of layers of fiberglass and polyester with bitumen that are added to the regular tar and gravel layering system. These extra sheets are torched down in the overlap areas during the installation process, using large flame throwing torches that melt the asphalt at the seams to join them together, which is the origin of the name “torch down roofing”. The final result is the vulcanization of a large rubber sheet onto a fiberglass base. Also called modified bitumen, due to the mixing of asphalt with rubber compounds, torch down roofing provides additional strength and resistance to a flat or low sloped roof. It is not, however, suited to areas prone to high rainfall or snowfall, and has an average life expectancy of about 15 years. A torch down roof is also significantly more attractive than a standard tar and gravel roof.


 12-15 year limited warranties


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Taper systems

Creating a positive slope to a flat roof.

Positive drainage is necessary to insure a safe, long lasting roof. Ponded water and freeze-thaw cycles can result in costly repairs and even pre-mature roof failure, which is rarely covered under warranty or by insurance. Positive sloped roof systems result in reduced maintenance and less stress to the building structure.

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